Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24th - Graveyard BBQ and The King Left

The evening began over a nice, tasty meal at San Loco with Delia, Ben and Chris. After a few warm up beers at Iggy's we headed over to Arlene's Grocery to see Waltham, MA's favorite hogs - GRAVEYARD BBQ. Within 30 seconds, they instantly became my new favorite band. If you like BBQ, girls, slide guitar, hard rock, metal, and beer. What the heck else do you need? Full throttle, beer soaked, propane fueled rock and roll. It was awesome. Music hasn't been made like this since I I only had a learner's permit.

From there it was a long walk (1 block!) to Piano's to see The King Left. Just off the heels of their new EP and video, tonight was the last date of their residency at Piano's. I've seen the band nearly 10 times and this was by far, the best show I've seen yet. They have all new stage production with video projection which added a really cool element to their live show. Mark their guitarist broke his guitar during the last song and instead opted to play a cymbal solo with a guitar stand. It was pretty amazing.

After the show I met back up with the BBQ Nation, Vince from MetalSucks, Jason from Nonelouder and a few other cronies at 3 of Cups. Jack Daniels, PBR, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Mistress Julia - it was a a full on metal disaster zone.

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