Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yo @iamphilcollins thank you for thinking of me #Alcoholiday7 Tonight

That's what I am talking about @grayblue @brandontour #Alcoholiday7 Tonight

@grayblue please have some manners and share with @brandontour #Alcoholiday7 Tonight

@bernardcore did you beat @big_oh ? #Alcoholiday7 Tonight

Is this the best beardo or the best rack award? @mftimmytats #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

@chaile27 token lame-o for not being here! @bernardcore @bramfilter @iamphilcollins @hellskitten #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

@grayblue @schapnomore @iamphilcollins @hellskitten #HolidaySuck shot only $3 #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

We Cool? BOOP! #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

@big_oh is this the look of a winner? #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

Raise your hand if you ruined our favorite blog @holyshityouguys @rich_hall @iamphilcollins @schapnomore @bramfilter @staygangsta #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

Too bad @chaile27 wont be #Alcoholiday7 Tonight. Would be fun to break his tooth again

@bramfilter raise your hand if you think you won an award. #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

BACHTA! DO IT! Set a great example for others. #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

Is this how you maintain your beardo @metalsucks ? #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

Will Calitri win the leaving las vegas award and if he does, will he leave before he gets is? #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

This is what it looks like to FAIL #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

Masengill is not in spell check @holyshityouguys #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.

More like token drunk guy! @bpacris @staygangsta @grayblue @iamphilcollins @seanrobertsnyc #Alcoholiday7 Tonight.