Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yo @rich_hall is dick davanzo coming to @thursdayband show tonight?

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

#BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz 20.3m/10.8avs/112min @jenn72178 @metalsucks @nona_star #revrides09

#BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz 20.3m/10.8avs/112min @jenn72178 @metalsucks @nona_star #revrides09

Any organized tour that ends at Barcade is RAD in my book!

Frank Ibert Brewery, now a Christian Center. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Diogenes Brewing Co. Literally standing on the dividing line of BK & Queens. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Herr Huber's grave of the same named Brewery. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Tromer's grave. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Formerly Rheingold Brewery. Last 120 years and was over 40 acres #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Joseph Fallert Brewery. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Edward B. Hittleman Brewery. 22 acres of #Beer! #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Brewers Row - 33 different breweries in 14 blocks. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Malcom Wallamout Brewery. #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

F&M Schaefer Brewery original location #BikeBrooklynBeerBlitz #revrides09

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Cat: "Thank you for the bike Monkey!" 13.1m/13.7avs/57min #revrides09